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Illustrated Characters

We have thousands of illustrated character images for your elearning courses or presentations. Find a style that that you like, such as comic, cartoon, silhouette, halo and more. Some of the highlights include:
  • Many styles to choose from
  • Every character has dozens of poses
  • Backgrounds removed so you can put on top of a background of your choice
  • Mix and match characters to tell a visual story
Scroll through the categories below to find the style you like, then choose the character to see the poses available.
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Silhouette Black Silhouette White Amit Cartoon Style 1
silhouette people black images Silhouette White Images indian man cartoon character
Cory Cartoon Style 1 Jenny Cartoon Style 1 Tanya Cartoon Style 1
asian man cartoon character asian woman cartoon character black woman cartoon character
Allison Cartoon Style 1 Maria Cartoon Style 2 Diego Cartoon Style 2
white woman cartoon character latina woman cartoon character latino man cartoon character
Jeff Cartoon Style 2 Anthony Comic Paul Comic
black man cartoon character black man cartoon character asian man comic character
Lily Comic Lisa Comic Amit Halo
asian woman comic character black woman comic character indian male photos
Amit Halo Maria Halo Michael Halo
asian female photos latina female photos black male photos
Jenny Line Art Katie Line Art Kevin Line Art
asian woman line art white woman line art black man line art
Steve Line Art Amber Photocopy Janet Photocopy
white man line art black woman photocopy character white woman photocopy character
Doug Photocopy Ian Photocopy Emily Cartoon Character
white man photocopy character young white man photocopy character Emily - White Business Woman Cartoon Character
Ken Cartoon Character Marco Cartoon Character Trevor Cartoon Character
Ken - Asian Businessman Cartoon Character Marco - Hispanic Businessman Cartoon Character Trevor - White Businessman Cartoon Character
Nicole Cartoon Character Paola Cartoon Character Tara Cartoon Character
Nicole - Asian Business Woman Cartoon Character Paola - Hispanic Business Woman Cartoon Character Tara - Black Business Woman Cartoon Character
Robe Cartoon Character Isometric Icon Characters Simple Icon Characters
Robe - Black Businessman Cartoon Character isometric icon characters Simple Icon Characters
Isometric Men in Business Casual Isometric women in Business Casual Isometric Boys
isometric male character business casual isometric male character business casual isometric boy characters
Isometric Girls Isometric Male Doctors Isometric Female Doctors
isometric boy characters isometric male doctor isometric female doctor
Isometric Male Casual Isometric Female Casual Isometric Male Hardhat
isometric male casual isometric female casual isometric male hardhat
Isometric Female Hardhat Isometric Male Nurse Isometric Female Nurse
isometric female hardhat isometric male nurse isometric female nurse
Isometric Male Welder Isometric Female Welder Isometric Male Suits
isometric male welder isometric female welder isometric male suits
Isometric Female Suits Isometric Male Patient Isometric Female Patient
isometric female suits isometric male patients isometric female patients
When you’re creating an eLearning course or presentation, two of the most important things are to create visual interest and to maintain visual consistency. Our illustrated characters allow you to accomplish both of these elements. Find a style that you like, select a character, then use that character and style throughout your course or presentation.

Additionally the characters are all set up as “character packs” which means that there are multiple poses per character. That allows you to tell a visual story. For example, take our comic book style characters and create a comic themed course or presentation. The characters are facing the screen for reaction shots or storytelling, and away from the screen to interact with other characters.