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4-20   4 character 20 user plan
4-25   4 character 25 user plan
Storyline.Avatar.Bundle01   4 Forward-Facing Characters for Storyline Bundle
Storyline.Quiz.Bundle01   4 Quiz Pose Characters for Storyline Bundle
Storyline.Scenario.Bundle01   4 Side-Facing Characters for Storyline Bundle
Template-Powerpoint-Int006   5 Icon Interaction
Template-Powerpoint-Int005   5 Step Interaction Template
Template-Powerpoint-Int003   5 Tab Bottom Interaction Template
Med.Aanya.Scrubs1   Aanya - Indian Female Doctor or Nurse
Med.Aanya.Dr   Aanya - Indian Woman Doctor
Phone.Headset.Aaron   Aaron - White Male on the Phone - Headset
Suit.Aaron   Aaron - White Man in a Suit
Phone.Handset.Aaron   Aaron - White Man on Phone - Handset
BizCas.Adela   Adela - Hispanic Student in Business Casual
Casual.Adela   Adela - Hispanic Woman in Casual Clothing
TempChar012Captivate   Adobe Captivate 1-Person Choice Template
TempChar010Captivate   Adobe Captivate Corkboard Template
TempChar005Captivate   Adobe Captivate Customer Service Template
TempChar011Captivate   Adobe Captivate Desktop Folder Template
TempChar013Captivate   Adobe Captivate Mentor with Feedback Template
TempChar004Captivate   Adobe Captivate Notebook Template
TempChar008Captivate   Adobe Captivate Tablet iPad Template
TempChar001Captivate   Adobe Captivate Template 2-character
TempChar006Captivate   Adobe Captivate Template Holding Paper
TempChar007Captivate   Adobe Captivate Template Sticky-note Desktop
TempChar009Captivate   Adobe Captivate Useful Tips Template
Child.Alex   Alex - Asian Child in Casual Clothing
EL.F.Wt.Allison2   Allison - White Female in Business Casual
EL.F.Wt.Allison   Allison - White Woman in Business Casual
Cartoon02_Allison   Allison Cartoon Style 1
Storyline.Avatar.Allison   Allison Front-Facing Character for Storyline
Casual.Amanda   Amanda - Latina Woman in Casual Clothing
Cop.Amanda   Amanda - Latina Woman Police Officer
MM.F.B.Amber2   Amber - African American Female in Business Casual
MM.F.B.Amber   Amber - Black Woman in Business Casual
Storyline.Avatar.Amber   Amber Front-Facing Character for Storyline
Photocopy_Amber   Amber Photocopy
MM.M.In.Amit   Amit - Indian Man in Business Casual
Cartoon01_Amit   Amit Cartoon Style 1
Storyline.Avatar.Amit   Amit Front-Facing Character for Storyline
Halo_Amit   Amit Halo
Halo_Lily   Amit Halo
Casual.Ani   Ani - White Woman in Casual Clothing
Disabilty.Wheel.Ani   Ani - White Woman in Wheelchair
Disabilty.Cane.Ani   Ani - White Woman with Cane
Disabilty.Crutches.Ani   Ani - White Woman with Crutches
Storyline.Avatar.Anthony   Anthonhy Front-Facing Character for Storyline
EL.M.O.Anthony2   Anthony - Black Male in Business Casual
EL.M.O.Anthony   Anthony - Black Man in Business Casual
Comic_Anthony   Anthony Comic
TempChar002QM   Articulate Quizmaker Avatar Template
TempChar005QM   Articulate Quizmaker Customer Service Template
TempChar001QM   Articulate Quizmaker Template 2-character
TempChar003QM   Articulate Quizmaker Template Choice
TempChar006QM   Articulate Quizmaker Template Holding Paper
TempChar002SL   Articulate StoryLine Avatar Template
TempChar005SL   Articulate Storyline Customer Service Template
TempChar001SL   Articulate Storyline Template 2-character
TempChar003SL   Articulate Storyline Template Choice
TempChar006SL   Articulate Storyline Template Holding Paper
Phone.Headset.Asha   Asha - Indian Female on the Phone - Headset
Suit.Asha   Asha - Indian Woman in a Suit
Phone.Handset.Asha   Asha -Indian Woman on the Phone - Handset
Med.Ashely.Patient   Ashely - Young White Female Patient
Template-Powerpoint-Avatar005   Avatar Template - Chalk Board
Template-Powerpoint-Avatar002   Avatar Template - Guide with Speech Bubbles
Template-Powerpoint-Avatar003   Avatar Template - Guide with Thought Bubbles
Template-Powerpoint-Avatar004   Avatar Template - Quiz Interaction
Template-Powerpoint-Avatar006   Avatar Template - Tip Popup 1
Template-Powerpoint-Avatar001   Avatar Template Illustrated Character
ART07   Background Shading to Emphasize Characters
Suit.Ben   Ben - White Man in a Suit
BizCas.Ben   Ben - White Man in Business Casual
Casual.Ben   Ben - White Man in Casual Clothing
Med.Bill.Scrubs1   Bill - White Male Doctor or Nurse
Med.Bill.Patient   Bill - White Male Patient
Med.Bill.Dr   Bill - White Man Doctor
Office.Binder   Binder Images
BoardsSignsBillboard   Blank Billboard Images
BoardsSignsLicensePlate   Blank License Plate Images
Office.BlankPaper   Blank Paper Images
BoardsSignsBlankSign   Blank Sign Images
ART011   Blur in Gimp
ART010   Blur in Photoshop
Texture-Blur   Blur Textures
BoardsScreensInside   Boards and Screens 1: Indoor
BoardsSignsOutdoor   Boards and Signs: Outdoor
Texture-Brick   Brick Textures
TempChar003Captivate   Captivate elearning Choice Template
eLearning.Example.Captivate001   Captivate Example 001
eLearning.Example.Captivate002   Captivate Example 002
eLearning.Example.Captivate003   Captivate Example 003
Template-Captivate-Display001   Captivate Template Blank Paper
Template-Captivate-Display002   Captivate Template Call Center White Board
Template-Captivate-Display004   Captivate Template Chalkboard Black
Template-Captivate-Display005   Captivate Template Chalkboard Green
Template-Captivate-Display006   Captivate Template Clipboard
Template-Captivate-Display008   Captivate Template Computer Monitor
Template-Captivate-Display007   Captivate Template Easel
TempChar002Captivate   Captivate Template elearning Quiz
Template-Captivate-Display009   Captivate Template Folder
Template-Captivate-Display010   Captivate Template Folio
Template-Captivate-Display018   Captivate Template iPad
Template-Captivate-Display019   Captivate Template iPad Vertical
Template-Captivate-Display003   Captivate Template iPhone
Template-Captivate-Display011   Captivate Template Laptop
Template-Captivate-Display012   Captivate Template News Anchor
Template-Captivate-Display013   Captivate Template Notecard
Template-Captivate-Display014   Captivate Template Paper Pad
Template-Captivate-Display015   Captivate Template Projector Screen
Template-Captivate-Display016   Captivate Template Projector Stand
Template-Captivate-Display017   Captivate Template Retro TV
Template-Captivate-Display020   Captivate Template Whiteboard
Med.Carlos.Scrubs1   Carlos Latino Male Doctor or Nurse
Med.Carlos.Dr   Carlos Latino Man Doctor
Costume.Graduate.Carolyn   Carolyln - the Graduate
Athlete.Carolyn   Carolyn - the Athlete
Costume.Nerd.Carolyn   Carolyn - the Nerd
FontHandChalkboardBlock   Chalkboard Font
BoardsScreensChalkboard   Chalkboard Images
ART06   Change expressions of characters
ART01   Character Packs: What are they?
ART05   Character silhouette or shadow in seconds
Child.Chloe   Chloe - Asian Girl in Casual Clothing
Suit.Cindy   Cindy - Asian Woman in a Suit
BizCas.Cindy   Cindy - Asian Woman in Business Casual
Casual.Cindy   Cindy - Asian Woman in Casual Clothing
ART08   Clip Art Characters
Office.Clipboard   Clipboard Images
Texture-Cloud   Cloud Textures
FontComicDialog   Comic Dialog Handwritten Font
FontComicSFX   Comic Sound Effects Font
Template-Powerpoint-Comm001   Communication Template Email Inbox
Template-Powerpoint-Comm005   Communication Template Instant Message
Template-Powerpoint-Comm006   Communication Template Instant Message Buddies
Template-Powerpoint-Comm004   Communication Template Mobile Email
Template-Powerpoint-Comm002   Communication Template Read Email
Template-Powerpoint-Comm003   Communication Template Write Email
BoardsScreensComputer   Computer Monitor and Laptop Images
Texture-Concrete   Concrete Textures
Back.Office.Conferene.Room   Conference Room Images
Back.Office.Copy.Room   Copy Room Images
Med.Cory.Scrubs1   Cory - Asian Male Doctor or Nurse
MM.M.As.Cory2   Cory - Asian Male in Business Casual
Med.Cory.Dr   Cory - Asian Man Doctor
MM.M.As.Cory   Cory - Asian Man in Business Casual
Cartoon01_Cory   Cory Cartoon Style 1
Storyline.Scenario.Cory   Cory Side-Facing Character for Storyline
ART03   Create e-Learning simulations in 2 minutes with character packs
Back.Office.Cubicle   Cubicle Images
Child.Damien   Damien - Black Boy in Casual Clothing
Athlete.Dan   Dan - the Athlete
Costume.Graduate.Dan   Dan - the Graduate
Costume.Nerd.Dan   Dan - the Nerd
Med.Daniel.Scrubs1   Daniel - Black Male Doctor or Nurse
Med.Daniel.Dr   Daniel - Black Man Doctor
Casual.Danny   Danny - Asian Man in Casual Clothing
Costume.Judge.Danny   Danny - the Judge
Suit.Darcy   Darcy - White Woman in a Suit
BizCas.Darcy   Darcy - White Woman in Business Casual
Casual.Darcy   Darcy - White Woman in Casual Clothing
L5   Demo Pack L5
Suit.Diana   Diana - Asian Woman in a Suit
BizCas.Diana   Diana - Asian Woman in Business Casual
Casual.Diana   Diana - Asian Woman in Casual Clothing
SM.M.L.Diego2   Diego - Latino Male in Business Casual
SM.M.L.Diego   Diego - Latino Man in Business Casual
Cartoon02_Diego   Diego Cartoon Style 2
doctor-in-surgery-asian-man   Doctor in Surgery - Asian Man
doctor-in-surgery-black-man   Doctor in Surgery - Black Man
doctor-in-surgery-black-woman   Doctor in Surgery - Black Woman
doctor-on-phone-indian-woman   Doctor on the Phone - Indian Woman
doctor-on-phone--latina-woman   Doctor on the Phone - Latina Woman
MM.M.Wt.Doug   Doug - White Man in Business Casual
Photocopy_Doug   Doug Photocopy
BoardsSignsDriveIn   Drive In Screen Images
Template01   e-Learning Template: Soft Color
BoardsScreensEasel   Easel Images
Template-PowerPoint-Intro-001   eLearning Intro Screen PowerPoint 001
Template-PowerPoint-Intro-002   eLearning Intro Screen PowerPoint 002
Template-PowerPoint-Intro-003   eLearning Intro Screen PowerPoint 003
Template-PowerPoint-Intro-004   eLearning Intro Screen PowerPoint 004
Template-PowerPoint-Intro-005   eLearning Intro Screen PowerPoint 005
Template-PowerPoint-Intro-006   eLearning Intro Screen PowerPoint 006
Template-PowerPoint-Intro-007   eLearning Intro Screen PowerPoint 007
Template-PowerPoint-Intro-008   eLearning Intro Screen PowerPoint 008
Template-PowerPoint-Intro-009   eLearning Intro Screen PowerPoint 009
Template-PowerPoint-Intro-010   eLearning Intro Screen PowerPoint 010
Template-PowerPoint-Intro-011   eLearning Intro Screen PowerPoint 011
Template-PowerPoint-Intro-012   eLearning Intro Screen PowerPoint 012
Template-PowerPoint-Intro-013   eLearning Intro Screen PowerPoint 013
Template-PowerPoint-Intro-014   eLearning Intro Screen PowerPoint 014
Template-PowerPoint-Intro-015   eLearning Intro Screen PowerPoint 015
Template-PowerPoint-Intro-016   eLearning Intro Screen PowerPoint 016
Template-PowerPoint-Intro-017   eLearning Intro Screen PowerPoint 017
Template-PowerPoint-Intro-018   eLearning Intro Screen PowerPoint 018
Template-PowerPoint-Intro-019   eLearning Intro Screen PowerPoint 019
Template-PowerPoint-Intro-020   eLearning Intro Screen PowerPoint 020
Template-PowerPoint-Intro-021   eLearning Intro Screen PowerPoint 021
Template-PowerPoint-Intro-022   eLearning Intro Screen PowerPoint 022

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